Early Morning Reflection

As I lay awake at 3:45 in the morning, I can’t help but sit in awe of where life has brought me.

I remember a little girl who used to run to the car after church because she wanted to tell everyone what she learned in Sunday School and to show off whatever craft she had made to go along with the lesson. She would sit for hours with her great-grandmother, helping her write letters to missionaries in Africa and trying to beat her at a game of Old Maid. She loved to read, to explore, to talk everyone’s ears off.

That little girl turned into a teenager too quickly to catch her own breath. The excitement she had after church turned into not wanting anything to do with faith at all. Life came crumbling down around her as her great-grandmother passed away, and she found out that the world’s not always sunshine and rainbows. She lost interest in reading and in exploring, and she no longer talked everyone’s ears off.

That teenager entered high school. She found herself trapped inside her own mind. She started taking out all the anger and sadness on herself and those around her. Her once perfect grades became failing grades as she left assignments untouched. She no longer read at all. She no longer explored at all. She no longer talked at all.

Then God intervened as high school was coming to a close. He broke into her mind, a gentle whisper among condescending shouts, and reminded her of that little girl and her childlike faith. He showed her that even though there are thorns in life, there are still roses to behold. She started reading again. She started exploring again. But she was afraid to start talking again.

Then she intervened for herself. She started fighting for herself. She found that life is hard, but there’s beauty in the struggle. She loved to read and explore, and she challenged herself to talk.

Now, I am a college student, and I’m discovering that my voice is a powerful weapon that only I can wield.

Jordan Wilson

Published by Jordan Wilson

My name is Jordan Wilson. I am a college student that is passionate about using writing to express myself and help others in the process.

One thought on “Early Morning Reflection

  1. Every journey seems to have valleys and vistas. The challenge is fighting to not stay in the valleys. The psalmist says it well, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.” I’ve never thought about this way before. I suppose it matters less where we are on the journey and matters more that He is with us.


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